With an immense amount of free time and the insatiable need to beef up my resume, I found myself wrestling with the idea to write a blog. (What else do over opinionated and under stimulated millennials do?) Upon the realization that my career as an instagram model and part time unpaid intern wasn’t going to work out, I decided to just go for it and see what happens. Worse case scenario, I take up another mediocre domain name until it expires and another Anja, who also happens to write, can rightfully claim her wordpress throne.

You can expect a lot of ramblings about my life experiences and a few attempts at giving advice or sharing what little I’ve managed to learn in life. If you’re lucky (using that term very loosely) you might even come across a few satirical or critical examinations of the world, because God knows we don’t have enough bitter 20-somethings complaining on the internet already.

However, in all sincerity, I hope you find joy or relief in whatever I write. I hope my writing can make you laugh or relate. Lastly, I hope that if you’re an employer reading this, you’ll hire me.

Thanks for reading,



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